Having fun in the sun with your pooch may no longer be on the agenda, and with the weather taking an unwelcome turn, The Pet Medicine Company have put 4 fun indoor games together to keep both you and your four-legged friends entertained.

A-Maze-ing meals

Why not try adding some food for thought at meal times with the Buster DogMaze! Once the bowl is filled with dry kibble it becomes a mentally stimulating toy that can take your dog up to 4 times longer to finish his food!

Hide and seek

Yes, we really do have an excuse for you to play hide and seek! While your dog is out of the room, pick up his favourite toy (why not treat them to our top selling plush pheasant toy?), a delicious smelling treat and get hiding (you’ll need a treat that your dog can smell and track down, otherwise you may find yourself hiding from dusk til’ dawn)! Call your dog back into the room let the seeking begin. Once found, reward him with the treat! Try mixing it up and vary your hiding places to keep him entertained.


Get a tough toy for this one, or this game could be over very quickly! Before playing this game however, it is important that your dog understands that he can only grab the toy when commanded, and that he must let go when you say as some dogs may become aggressive.


Don’t worry, the only hurdle you’ll face is finding the space, but if you’ve got it then we suggest building an agility course! Try rolling up blankets or towels for make shift hurdles and create a simple course. Walk your dog through it a few times to begin with and encourage them to hop the hurdles with tasty treats and sloppy cuddles.

Once mastered, try making the agility course more challenging and who knows, you could be the next Ashleigh and Pudsey!