We all know the basics of what we need to do when a fellow human needs help, but what about your pet? Here at The Pet Medicine Company, we’ve put some tips together to help you in a pet emergency!

*Please note that the information and advice provided within this blog is not a substitute for veterinary/medical advice. Always consult a vet in the event of an emergency. 

Visit the vet

  • Be sure to check whether your local veterinary practice runs an out of hours service, and if not then check where the next closest practice is.
  • It’s worth keeping a pack of your pet’s medical information together to provide the vets with, as in an emergency they may not necessarily have access to the required information.

Emergency first aid 

  • Depending on the severity of the of the emergency, it may be necessary to perform basic first aid. You can find a variety of first aid pet medicine online for your Cats, Dogs and Horses.
  • Please see the below action guidelines:

Bleeding wounds: Any dirt or grit can be flushed from the wound with a warm saline (salt) solution. Once cleaned, apply a clean/fresh dressing and apply firm pressure to the wound while in transit to the vets.

Seizures/Fits: Make sure that the room is quiet, dark and cool as there is a risk of overheating during a seizure. Make note of the time, monitor your pet and call a veterinary practice for advice.

After being hit by a vehicle: Provided it is safe to do so, wrap your pet in a warm blanket and transfer it to a hard, transportable surface. Do not move your pet and keep them still if you suspect that it may have broken bones.


Do you have any first aid tips that you’d like us to share? Email us at info@thepetmedicinecompany.co.uk