Britain looks set for its hottest summer in 350 years, with this barking mad heat make sure you keep your furry friend well protected from the heat. Below we have compiled a list of our top tips to beat the heat for your pet this summer.

  1. Never leave your pets alone in a vehicle, inside a car can reach highs of 37°c in the space of just 10 minutes and can prove fatal for a dog.
  2. If you are leaving your pets at home alone, make sure they can access a cool room and plenty of water.
  3. If they are outdoors, make sure shade is always available
  4. Keep a constant supply of fresh, cold water available. As the heat can affect your pet’s appetite, why not try adding dissolvable vitamins and minerals sachets to their water to make sure they are still getting the right amount of nutrients, Cavalesse Oral Sachets can help with just that. These oral sachets combat the symptoms of skin allergies associated with spring and summer and example is sweet itch.
  5. Exercise during the coolest parts of the day, for example in the early morning or evening this is to avoid the mid-day heat.
  6. Keep long coats trimmed, not only will this help keep your pet cool they will also look good too!
  7. Be aware that pavements can get hot, if it’s too hot for your hand, it's too hot for your pet’s paws. They will burn!
  8. Get the hose out, whilst your cat may not enjoy getting wet, your dog will probably love it.

During the summer months it is the optimum time for parasites to multiply and potentially harm your pet. Ticks and mosquitos hide in the long grass so are common for your pet to encounter when out walking. These insects can transmit infection, diseases and other parasites such as worms. So, it is very important to be mindful of the contact they a have on your pet, something to consider is the NAF Off Deet Power Spray, this spray is a long-lasting equine fly repellent designed for year-round protection from a wide range of insect pests. 

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Keeping your pets cool in the summer