Its hard to imagine not being able to bond with your dog as soon as you see it, but it does often happen. If you’ve adopted a rescue dog or an older pets its not uncommon that they’ll seem unresponsive to your love and seem uninterested in human contact. It is often seen in rescue dogs that have suffered from negative experiences in the past or have received little human attention.

Although your new pooch may seem distant and even aggressive, all is not lost. With a few simple steps and a lot of love and time it will be possible for you to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

1.       Quality time

To start to build a relationship with your dog you need to ensure that you spend plenty of time with them. This will show your dog that you are someone that they can trust and rely on. A good way to do this is to take them out on long walks, play with them and groom them regularly.

 You can buy specific toys that help to build the bond between you and your pet for example the Kong Air Dog Bone from the pet medicine company. This toy is the perfect combination of the two most loved dog toys, it is perfect for a game of fetch. It is also made from special non-abrasive fabric which means that it will not wear down your dogs’ teeth.

 For grooming the Ancol Slicker brush is great for removing the loose or dead hairs. Its metal pins are effective in detangling the hair and promoting good coat condition. The brush is available in a variety of sizes and is suitable for all coat types.

 2.       Training classes

Training your dog is really important. It helps you as an owner to be able to control your pet and have them live happily in the house and with other dogs. It is also great for teaching good communication and hierarchy between the two of you. However, when teaching your dog commands make sure to use plenty of encouragement and praise this will help you to form a much stronger bond and a happy relationship. There are numerous toys that you can purchase to help with training for example the Buster dog maze from the pet medicine company. This is a fun way to feed your dog, once the bowl is filled with dry treats it becomes a mentally stimulating toy.

 3.       Find the right veterinarian

Finding a great vet is like finding the right family doctor. The first thing to consider when choosing the right vets is distance. You need to be able to get the vets in an emergency so choosing one that is too far away could impact the care your dog gets when it needs it. You also need to take into consideration what needs your rescue dog has, if they are allergic or frightened of certain animals finding a vets that accommodates to their needs is ideal to making them feel safe.