Puppy Strangles, also known as Juvenile Cellulitis, is a rare immune disorder to the skin that affects puppies. It often occurs in puppies between the ages of 3 weeks and 4 months and is rarely seen in adult dogs. However, with the early diagnosis, the correct dog medicine and a range of dog supplements you can help prevent the reoccurrence of puppy strangles as we have with one of our very own puppies called Jack, who is now living a happy healthy life.

Jack was just 6 weeks old when we started to notice a difference in his behaviour, our little puppy who was normally so energetic and full of life was now unusually fatigued and lethargic. From stealing food off of our plates to not wanting to eat anything at all, Jack’s behaviour was starting to change. His eyes became very red and swollen and so we naturally assumed that as it was the first time he had been outside, this may be an allergic reaction to the grass. However, it started to get worse and his eyelids became swollen and filled with pus, this is when we knew it was a lot more serious and time to get him to the vets.

We were informed by our vets that what Jack was experiencing was the symptoms of ‘Puppy strangles’ and could have been fatal had it gone untreated. Other symptoms to look out for is tender skin in the affected area, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, and pustular ear infection.

Our Vets conducted a skin biopsy before prescribing Jack with antibiotics. Not long after, Jack was back to his normal, energetic, chirpy self and we couldn’t be happier!

The cause of puppy strangles has still not been identified.  Be vigilant and make sure that if your puppy is experiencing any of the symptoms above that you seek immediate medical assistance.

Remember, healthy pets are happy pets so make sure you’re keeping on top of it by visiting the pet medicine company where you can get a variety of minerals and supplements for your 4-legged friend.