Trusting someone to look after your beloved cat while you are away on holiday can be tough. So, knowing that you have chosen the perfect boarding cattery for your cat can help put your mind at ease. There are several things to look at when choosing the right cattery, including the type of cattery, living environment and staff. Over the holiday period good catteries tend to book up fast, so its best to start your search in plenty of time. The best place to start is to find out if anyone has any recommendations where they have had a good experience as this will help to give you more confidence.

  • Indoor versus outdoor catteries- The most preferable cattery would be indoors that has an outdoor run for the cats. Most cats are likely to get distressed if they do not have access to outdoor space.  If your cat is spending the majority of its time outdoors when it is living at home, it could become particularly miserable in an indoor only cattery.
  • Living Environment- Always visit catteries in person, this will help you to assess whether your cat will be happy and cared for during their stay. Make sure to check out the living area, it should be a place that is warm, secure, clean and dry. It is preferable that a cat should have their own sleeping area, that includes toys and cat training aids, a scratching post, large litter tray and somewhere to hide in or under.
  • Staff- When you go and visit the cattery it is important that you ask for a tour of all the facilities that they have to offer. This will help you to get a good feel for the place and whether or not you would be confident to let your pet stay there.  It is also important to find out how many members of staff are allocated to each cat, as you’ve got to remember your cat may be used to 1 to 1 attention from you.  A good cattery will insist that you cat has been vaccinated against flu and other diseases. Cats which have not been vaccinated can pass on diseases to your pet.
  • Certification- Make sure to ask about insurance cover and what the procedure will be in regard to contacting a vet in case of an emergency. All catteries should be licensed by their local authority, so this is something you should look out for. They should be more than happy to show these certificates if asked.