On 25th June 2018, a new law requiring horse owners to microchip their animals in order to prevent abuse and improve welfare. To ensure you are well equipped on what your horse needs check out The Pet Medicine Company for horse medical supplies and horse medicine. Make sure to consult a veterinarian before prescribing anything to your horse.

Following the staggering figures released by the RSPCA that in 2017 they rescued around 1,000 abandoned horses, often found in terrible conditions.

From October 2020, it will be a mandatory requirement for all equestrian owners to microchip their horses, ponies and donkeys. This will allow local authorities to obtain relevant information from the new Central Equine Database and track down the owners of dumped horses and ensuring punishment and appropriate measures are taken.

Microchipping will also make it easier for horses, ponies and donkeys to be reunited with their owners if they are lost or have been stolen. 

The British government is working closely with vets and the British House Council to highlight and ease implementation of the change in regulation in order to ensure all horse owners are microchipped by October 2020. The time leading up to the implementation date will allow owners to combine microchipping with a routine visit to, or from, their vets with a procedure costing around £25 - £30.

Owners who do not have their animal chipped by October 2020 may face sanctions from their local authorities and could receive a fine of up to £200!

For further information, visit article published on https://www.gov.uk/government/news/compulsory-microchipping-to-improve-horse-welfare