It is not uncommon for your dog to be afraid of the vets, and when that time comes around it’s a nightmare for everyone involved. Here at The Pet Medicine Company, we’ve put some top tips together to make it easier.

Why are they scared?

For those poor pups that are afraid of the vets, it’s often because they fear a traumatic experience. This isn’t easy to solve given that most appointments involve physical examinations and sometimes blood tests.

How can you help?

Social veterinary visits: If you are able to drop in to your vets at random for some soppy attention form the staff at the practice, this can help your pooch become more comfortable going and be less worried about going.

Dog appeasing pheromones: These appeasing pheromones are a type of pet medicine that help to replicate those that a mother dog naturally emits to her young which calms and comforts them. Why not try an Adaptil collar or spray prior to the trip to the vets.

Practice examinations: Dogs can find the hands-on nature of a physical exam to be unusual and unnerving, so this is your chance to play doctor and carry out a ‘mock’ exam. Check their eyes, ear, mouth and other areas frequently to get them used to it.

Tempting treats: Help your dog to build a positive association when visiting the vets by giving them treats on arrival and while on the table, provided they are behaving themselves. Rewarding for good behaviour goes along way!

 If you still struggle after following our guides then check out our website for our full range of calming products for dogs at The Pet Medicine Company