At Christmas its almost a tradition for us humans to want to indulge in all the lovely foods however, it is worth being mindful of the human foods that can be fatal to dogs and cats. Over the Christmas period it can be hard to recognise what might be harmful to your pet, as a lot of retailers offer seasonal treats that contain ingredients that may harm your pet’s digestive system. The temptation to give your pet scraps of human food is also greater during the festive season, this can quite often contain ingredients that can be poisonous to your pet. We have compiled a list of dangerous foods that you should be avoiding this Christmas. Make sure to consult your local vets if any harmful foods have been digested so they can prescribe your pet with the correct pet medicine.

  • Mince pies and fruit cake - Grape and raisins are ingredients that can be very harmful to both dogs and cats, this is because they contain a potent toxin that can damage the liver and kidneys.  So, make sure to keep the mince pies off the kitchen worktops as most dogs will find there way to access them.
  • Chocolate – This is not usually fatal however it is notoriously bad for dogs. The type of chocolate also depends on your dog’s reaction, dark chocolate contains the highest concentration of cocoa and is therefore far more harmful if digested. A side effect of eating chocolate for dogs can be vomiting and seizures. Something that is easily accessible to cats and dogs over the Christmas period is your advent calendar, the doors on the calendars can be easy for your pet to open so make sure you store them in a safe place where they cannot be accessed.
  • Onions and Garlic – Whatever form they come in raw or cooked they are very dangerous to cats and dogs. Onion and garlic if digested can destroy a dog’s red blood cells, which can lead to anaemia. Something that both onion and garlic are present in over the Christmas period is stuffing, so make sure to not feed them the left overs.
  • Xylitol – This is a sweetener found in a number of sweet treats over Christmas. The amount of Xylitol found in human foods would be enough to cause your pets blood sugar levels to drop, seizures and for there liver to collapse.

To ensure that you and your fury friend have a happy healthy Christmas take care in what your pet consumes and ignore the temptation to indulge them with harmful human foods.