Equine influenza is caused by various strains of the influenza virus that affects the upper and lower respiratory tract of horses, the virus is similar to the flu virus that affects people but not identical and cannot be infected by humans. Once the virus has been inhaled it invades the lining or the airway which then become inflamed. This damage to the airway causes patches of the membranes lining to ulcerate which disrupts the clearance of mucus.

On the 7th February 2019 the British horseracing authorities announced that the British horse racing will be cancelled until Wednesday 13th at the earliest after an outbreak of equine flu. All the fixtures on Thursday were called off 3 of the horse had tested positive for the disease.

This precautionary approach is to ensure that the health of the horse population stays protected and the virus contained. The equine flu can take up to 3 days before symptoms become visible, this means that it can take up to Sunday for the BHA veterinary team to gather all the information that they require to decide whether or not to let the racing continue. Virkon S powder disinfectant is a powerful formula proven against all major virus families. Friendly to man, animals and the environment.  It is used for cleaning and disinfecting of all animal accommodation.

If any symptoms occur, make sure to seek veterinary advice immediately so that you can receive the right pet medicine and health care products for your pet.