Winter time can be lots of fun for your four-legged friend however it can come with risks and hazards if you are not prepared for it. There are many substances available in the human world that can prove lethal to your pet. One thing to look out for is antifreeze and rock salt. If any of the symptoms occur, make sure to seek veterinary advice immediately so that you can receive the right pet medicine and dog health products.  


Antifreeze is a substance that helps prevent water from freezing up, it raises the boiling point of engine coolant to prevent overheating.  Antifreeze is used in almost all cars. It is a sweet substance that is very appealing to dogs however, it is an extremely common fatal poison. During the winter months it is important to look out for places that could be contaminated with antifreeze for example road side puddles. Our Easidri Equestrian towel’s are great after walks with your dog, it is a very absorbent towel that dries wet animals easily and quickly and helps to reduce normal grooming time by up to 60%.

The symptoms of antifreeze poisoning include, nausea, vomiting diarrhoea, excessive urination and seizures.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is commonly used to prevent roads becoming icy during winter. It is a mixture of salt and grit. Rock salt is an extremely poisonous for your dog if consumed. This can be consumed from licking their paws or fur after going out on a walk. We recommend using the dry clean waterless shampoo for dogs, this spray on shampoo is a non-rinsing shampoo that cleans the coat without water. This product is perfect for those who hate bath time.

The symptoms of eating rock salt for your pet include vomiting, thirst and lethargy. This can result in high blood sodium concentr