We know that dogs need regular exercise for the benefit of staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight, as being overweight increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory conditions, back problems and unwarranted pressure on joints and cartilage just to name a few, but did you know that exercise can also improve and maintain mental health without the need of pet medicine.

A lack of adequate exercise can lead to boredom, destructive behaviour, restlessness, excessive barking, depression, pulling at the leash and unusually pestering behaviour.

But how often should you be walking your dog? Well this of course comes down to the size, breed and general health of your dog, but please see the guidelines below for recommendations:

Active, hunting & working breeds: These breeds should get a minimum of half an hour of aerobic exercise each day and a further one to two hours of activity over the course of the day.

Brachycephalic (short-nosed) dog breeds: These breeds tend not to require as much physical exercise and so will benefit from shorter walks.

A general rule is that your dog should be tired after a walk, but not exhausted. If you are unsure on how much exercise your dog should be getting, then you should speak with your vet and have an exercise plan put together.

Don’t forget, exercise doesn’t have to be limited to walking, you can seek exercise and entertainment with indoor games and activities. Why not pick up a Mountain Rope Slip Lead, a Tweed Dog coat from The Pet Medicine Company and enjoy being the most stylish paws in the park.