A guide to a successful bonfire night for you and your pet.

Bonfire night is creeping upon us and as exciting as this time is we need to make sure we remember, remember to think about our pets! Below we have created a guide to make sure your pet has a stress-free night.

Preparation to do before Bonfire night:

  1. Do your research. How far away is your local firework display? Will it be really loud in your house? Are your neighbours displaying fireworks? Knowing these details means that you can be prepared for when your pets are caught off-guard by the fireworks.
  2. Ensure you your cat or dogs ‘safe zone’ is easily accessible to them. One of your pet’s reaction to loud noise is usually to run and hide. They are most likely to retreat to a place in your home that feels familiar and safe so make sure you have done everything you can to firework proof that area. Duvets and blankets are a great way to help muffle put the sound of the fireworks.
  3. And finally, before the big night make sure to check your pet’s identification is up to date. It has now become a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped. While the same doesn’t apply to cats, it is a really good idea to consider having your cat microchipped in case it runs from the fireworks and goes missing. You want to be able to make sure you are reunited with your pet if anything goes wrong as quickly as possible.

Now that the night has finally arrived, and you have done all the preparation you can, its time to find out what you need to do on the night. Below is your guide on what to do during bonfire night.

  1. Give your pet a little more food that usual to help them settle before it all begins. A little extra food will help to feel more comfortable and help put them at ease and in a good mood. If you wait to feed during the firework display your pet could get too distressed to eat.
  2. Make sure to let your cat out during the day and to take your dog on a long walk to ensure that they won’t need to go out during the evening. Walking around at night with the fireworks going off could increase the chances of your pet becoming stressed and frightened.
  3. Play music in the house or keep the tv on to help mask the sound. This will help to distract your pet from the loud bangs happening outside. If you are going out for the night background noise for your pet will help to distract them from the fact that you are not there with them.

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