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  1. Compulsory micro-chipping to improve horse welfare

    On 25th June 2018, a new law requiring horse owners to microchip their animals in order to prevent abuse and improve welfare. To ensure you are well equipped on what your horse needs check out The Pet Medicine Company for horse medical supplies and Continue Reading »
  2. What to Do If Your Dog is Scared of the Vet

    It is not uncommon for your dog to be afraid of the vets, and when that time comes around it’s a nightmare for everyone involved. Here at The Pet Medicine Company, we’ve put some top tips together to make it easier.
    Why are they scared Continue Reading »
  3. What to Do In a Pet Emergency

    We all know the basics of what we need to do when a fellow human needs help, but what about your pet? Here at The Pet Medicine Company, we’ve put some tips together to help you in a pet emergency!
    *Please note that the information and advice Continue Reading »
  4. How often should you walk your dog?

    We know that dogs need regular exercise for the benefit of staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight, as being overweight increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory conditions, back problems and unwarranted pressure on joints and Continue Reading »
  5. Grooming Tips for Your Cat

    Grooming your feline friend is a necessity regardless of the length of hair your cat has. It’ll be no surprise to hear that longhair breeds require more substantial grooming than those with short hair, but nonetheless cats will always groom Continue Reading »
  6. Winter is coming

    Having fun in the sun with your pooch may no longer be on the agenda, and with the weather taking an unwelcome turn, The Pet Medicine Company have put 4 fun indoor games together to keep both you and your four-legged friends entertained.
    A-Maze-ing Continue Reading »
  7. A guide to a successful bonfire night for you and your pet!

    A guide to a successful bonfire night for you and your pet.
    Bonfire night is creeping upon us and as exciting as this time is we need to make sure we remember, remember to think about our pets! Below we have created a guide to make sure your pet Continue Reading »
  8. Our top safety tips for a cool summer

    It’s been a sweltering Summer so far and with over a month to go, we’ve put some top tips together to keep you’re four-legged friend safe and sound as a hound.
    Avoiding Heat Stroke
    Heat stroke is caused by your dog’s Continue Reading »
  9. Tick Tock, It’s time to protect your pet

    Wherever you live in the UK there is a risk that your pet could pick up ticks. Ticks can be found in long grass, parks, meadow, woodlands and kennels. Often, they will attach to your pets’ skin where the coat is much thinner, so a common place Continue Reading »
  10. Fruit, Veg and your pets!

    We all know that smaller pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits love fruit and vegetables, but did you know that your cat and dog would too! Fruit and veg can make a great addition to your cat or dogs’ diet. Not only do they provide Continue Reading »