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  1. The Pet Medicine Company’s recommendations for ways to celebrate valentine’s day with your pooch!

    Valentines day is often filled with expectations, but it doesn’t have to be all about red roses and romance, just doing something special for yourself with your four-legged companion is enough to make your day special. Below we have provided Continue Reading »
  2. The effects of Equine flu and how it cancelled the British horse racing

    Equine influenza is caused by various strains of the influenza virus that affects the upper and lower respiratory tract of horses, the virus is similar to the flu virus that affects people but not identical and cannot be infected by humans. Once the Continue Reading »
  3. The effect of antifreeze & rock/gritting salt on your pet’s health?

    Winter time can be lots of fun for your four-legged friend however it can come with risks and hazards if you are not prepared for it. There are many substances available in the human world that can prove lethal to your pet. One thing to look out for Continue Reading »
  4. Bonding better with your rescue dog

    Its hard to imagine not being able to bond with your dog as soon as you see it, but it does often happen. If you’ve adopted a rescue dog or an older pets its not uncommon that they’ll seem unresponsive to your love and seem uninterested Continue Reading »
  5. The Pet Medicine Company’s recommendations for picking the perfect boarding cattery

    Trusting someone to look after your beloved cat while you are away on holiday can be tough. So, knowing that you have chosen the perfect boarding cattery for your cat can help put your mind at ease. There are several things to look at when choosing Continue Reading »
  6. Guide to Dog Body Language by The Pet Medicine Company

    Have you ever wondered what your dog would say to you if they could speak your language? Well dogs actually have a language of there own that allows them to communicate their emotional state and intentions to others around them. A dog’s Continue Reading »
  7. The Pet Medicine Company's Recommendations For Picking The Perfect Boarding Kennels

    Planning on taking a vacation this year? Is the thought of leaving your dog behind troubling you, well there is no need to worry. Boarding kennels can be the perfect place!  Choosing the right once can be a challenge especially if you have not Continue Reading »
  8. Foods to avoid feeding your pet this Christmas

    At Christmas its almost a tradition for us humans to want to indulge in all the lovely foods however, it is worth being mindful of the human foods that can be fatal to dogs and cats. Over the Christmas period it can be hard to recognise what might Continue Reading »
  9. Why your pet needs Drontal

    It’s not always obvious that your dog has worms. Intestinal worms are a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. They can affect dogs and cats, and the most common intestinal worms include roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms. Worms Continue Reading »
  10. Compulsory micro-chipping to improve horse welfare

    On 25th June 2018, a new law requiring horse owners to microchip their animals in order to prevent abuse and improve welfare. To ensure you are well equipped on what your horse needs check out The Pet Medicine Company for horse medical supplies and Continue Reading »